Kr3w – Bracket t-shirt by Blue Distribution

Let me be clear here: no matter the trend, no matter the season, nothing gets me psyched like a black t-shirt. I like all colors and styles but the fascination with black is something stronger that goes beyond colors. I am not stating anything new, by the way: from top stylists to street goth types, via metal fans everybody has his own reason to be fascinated by this color. If you add some gold to it, you have a fly piece most of the time. This Kr3w item fits the case. Nothing simpler yet nothing more effective. I am absolutely in love with the logo of this brand and with the way it represents a unit, a collective that gives strength and protection to any of its members. You too can have protection from weak styles and flavors of the month with this Bracket t-shirt. With its classic black and gold formula, the piece that Susy B is wearing is a sure winner if you like clean designs that represent the underground from the heart of California. In the City of Angels, Angel Cabada founded more than a brand and all of them made quite a buzz on the streets. Kr3w (or Kr3w Denim, as you prefer) made a name for himself because of its denim pants mostly, that we have the chance to see on a skate team whose names include Tom Penny and Erik Ellington but also Boo Johnson and Lizard King. Blue Distribution has always had a penchant for hot brands and with Kr3w they made no exception. Down with Blue? Down with Kr3w!

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