Kr3w – X hooded fleece + K Skinny Jet Black denim by Blue Distribution

If I think about the first time that I posted a Kr3w piece on my blog, it’s another reminder of how time flies. A lot of things happened in the meantime. Kr3w changed distribution, landing in the safe arms of Blue and got the chance to let its name be heard a little more here in Italy. A few changes went down on the team but once I know that Erik Ellington and Tom Penny skate for a brand, that’s all that matters. This time we are giving a look to the X Hooded fleece and K Skinny Jet Black denim that Mauro S is wearing. The approach to design is minimal but nonetheless strong and effective. No pop culture icon has been flipped in the making of this logo: the designer relied on the essence of the strength of an X, like he was a fan of the old New York Hardcore scene that had the X with the letters NYHC all around it as a logo. Beside this raglan cut fleece, Blue Distribution sent in even the K Skinny Jet Black denim and without hesitation I can tell you that it is my ideal denim pant. Its colorway is the result of black yarn dyed denim with black reactive overdye for jet black finish. Black, black rivets, black waxed shoelace but most of all a slim fit that made a name for itself among streetwear aficionados. The only thing that since that first Kr3w post didn’t change is that with this brand you can’t go wrong.

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