“My rap career goes back further than yo’ father hairline/it’s Ludacris, I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines” (Ludacris)

If I say Krew I think about Tom Penny and Erik Ellington at the same time. Two very different characters with style levels very hard to reach. When the tricks bag is very deep and the way you move is just natural and effortless, that’s how you make a difference on a skateboard. Krew is not new to The Maxiemillion, but last time we saw a piece from this brand it was a long time ago. In the meantime a couple of hundreds of other posts followed that one and Krew changed distribution here in Italy: it belongs now to Blue Distribution. This brand is the brainchild of Angel Cabada, the man that also gave birth to Supra too. He is knee deep in Los Angeles street scene so the outcome is that his brands can’t be uninspired otherwise in a couple of seasons you are gone and forgotten. That’s why this Hairline Tri Blend crewneck that Chloe D is wearing is not screen printed on an random fleece. This is a very soft cotton/polyester blend that can also make you proud to recycle those PET bottles that form the polyester part of your crewneck. We are in front of a propitiatory subject here as the original idea of a team logo gets turned into a… broken bone (and you sure know that no skater wants it). I see all the good reasons to support Krew: a team of rad skaters, a style that represents Los Angeles state of mind and an Italian distributor on point. With such a set up it seems that you are the only one missing in this picture. Jump in!

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