Krooked ● Straight Eyes Pocket t-shirt

To write a post about a Krooked item for me is like asking Berlusconi if he is down to party with some fine females: we both will do our duty with much pleasure.


I have the deepest love for Mark Gonzales and everything he is been involved with. When I was 20 (1988) I even organized a public screening at the local library of a couple of skate videos including Psycho Skate. We are talking about a video of a young Gonz where he throws sunglasses out the window of his car in motion. There is even footage where he bails a flatground kickflip doing a flip and a half among other uber stylish tricks. Mark Gonzales is the second coming of the Messiah to me: I will follow any of his words. What a pity that our man couldn’t care less about me following him: he is just too busy doing his thing and he leads by example, not giving a f___ about a position of leader.


Krooked is his skate brand. The majority of graphic, art direction and ads has his signature, including the eyes that you see popping out of this tee, courtesy of Italian exclusive dealer RNG Distribution.


Straight Eyes Pocket t-shirt is a skate tee of the finest quality. We talk about the real deal here, Krooked doesn’t do collabs with high end fashion maisons: he collaborates with the likes of Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Sebo Walker, Bobby Worrest, Ronnie Sandoval, Dan Drehobl and Mark himself to provide them pro boards for creative skateboarding.


This tee worn by Michela P is as creative as it gets, following Mark approach to “write words as they sound”. I’m getting it strait, monsieur Gonzales: Krooked is da bomb.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.
Vintage 1978 cruiser: Maxie’s own

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