L1 Premium Goods – Grimey Parka

My contacts at Nitro Distribution warned me about L1 Premium Goods that were supposed to be available soon but I surely couldn’t expect this. This brand deals in superior snowboard clothing that, to put it real simple, looks good even in the city. Let’s take a snowboard jacket: usually it’s mega tech, large and with flashy colorways. Now let’s take a parka. The official Mod jacket since the 60s, this garment created in the 40s for US Army forces that had to deal with extreme temperatures, has a long history in youth counterculture as you can see. It’s a pleasant surprise to see it back in 2014 in such a functional form. This is the best of both worlds: enough discreet for urban use, with all the features that make it the ideal winter jacket when it’s cold and rainy for real. The mens jacket that Francesca C is wearing is called Grimey Parka. Available in 4 uber nice colorways, the one that you are looking at is Jon Kooley’s signature color. Like in a true snowboard jacket you have an attached powder skirt with encased elastic inside and more hidden features like that ventilation zipper under the armpit, the Napoleon pocket, the goggle pocket inside, the detachable fur of the hoodie and a few more vital tech details such as its actual degrees of impermeability that I suggest you to look on L1 website. Treat yourself like a king, protected by a shield that doesn’t allow elements to interfere with your persona but at the same time shows your level of (royal) style to the world.

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