LA Strange ● Hollyweird

Street fashion is turning into something that it’s not, I’m telling you. There is too much biting going on in an industry that should represent creativity. There are too many infiltrators that shouldn’t really belong to this world but they find a way to sneak in, just to cash out. This is very bad but as you know with my blog I’m giving you a tool to… recognize the real.

Straight outta Los Angeles let’s give a warm welcome to LA Strange, a brand that came here to bring back a weird style and an obscure vintage fabulousness to this game. Product of its environment, LA Strange is knee deep into old school rock imagery, late night parties that last up to the morning and all the original elements that contributed to turn Los Angeles into a global epicenter of arts and fashion.

In a recent Instagram picture the brand wrote the following statement: “LA Strange is a Los Angeles based clothing brand that embraces all things LA. Art, music, cinema and fashion from the golden age of Hollywood to the present. “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. Help Keep LA Strange.”.

What Serenella M is wearing in these pictures it’s an absolute preview. There is no website up yet and this Hollyweird t-shirt can not be purchased at the moment. What you have to do is to follow @lastrangecouture on Instagram and as soon as the website is up you can finally spice up your outfits with some quality tees. Killer concepts printed on smooth premium tees made in Los Angeles anybody?

Good things happen to those who wait LA Strange…

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