Lakai ● Flaco Stevie Perez pro model

Not to be confused with a slightly more famous Pretty Flacko, this Lakai pro model called Flaco is dedicated to the skateboarding skills of a first class street skater.

We are talking about Stevie Perez, the Los Angeles resident whose skills are massive and impressive. If you aren’t familiar you are seriously missing out because this slim Chocolate pro (Flaco stands for slim in street talk) knows what he is doing when he approaches a street spot, as he showed the world in his Pretty Sweet video part.

That’s why in July 2016 he had the great honor to have a pro model shoe on Lakai, the brand that Fresco Distribution is in charge of here in Italy. As they say a signature shoe has to reflect the style and the attitude of the skater that give him his name and this one is no exception.

Far from a made-up image to be in the spotlight, Stevie Perez is more simply that regular guy that can’t wait to skate, so his shoe gets along easily with his style.

Beside the good looking silhouette of this low top, what is new here is the reinforced ollie area called CO-BOUND™, a true skateboarder feature. LUX-LITE™ is the name of its sock liner whose prolonged comfort assures performance for feet that need to skate all day to feel accomplished.

The Flaco colorway that you are seeing now is not among those nine available on Lakai website because… it’s another of those Fresco previews. It will be available next Fall but I’m sure that you can find another one before among those nine.

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