Lakai ● Taco Crew Sock

Socks and more socks. Who could have thought that this part of your outfit would have gotten so crucial once pants got shorter? Lakai saw an opportunity including this category in its range and of course Italian distributor Fresco Dist kept me updated on this smart move.

The brand created by Girl OGs Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, beside the footwear line that it is known for, also proposes apparel and accessories that reflect the funny approach to skateboarding of its founders.

So if you want to wear a pair of skate shoes that belong to the recent Lakai x Independent collaboration let’s say, what could ever be fresher than a pair of Taco Crew socks? A skater’s favorite when it comes to have food among a session and another, this Mexican fast food meal very popular in California represents the last thing you expect to see on a pair of socks.

This is why it was a thing to do by any means. Taking people by surprise is the original skate approach that never faded when it comes to Lakai.

Forget 3 pack white socks that become loose after three times you wash them, this is a way to step your game up with sarcasm but all the right features are there. Tight, without compressing, Taco socks dying is solid and its jacquard craftsmanship allows you to wash them to no end without worrying about it.

With a branding consisting of a woven label on top, these socks are a true connoisseur item. You will get the thumb up from other skaters that know this item, otherwise you have to wear shorts to show off to the fullest.

But don’t forget that Lakai is not about showing off: it’s about skate action. Not only Tony Hawk is part of the squad (and this alone says a lot) but Riley Hawk just dropped his part in Baker 4 and his skating is superior. No, don’t think “it’s got to be the socks”: to reach his level takes skills and dedication…

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