Lakai – Printed Duck camper by Fresco Distribution

I can only take notes when Lakai drops a headwear piece: the fame of this brand is notorious for being up to date with the next trends. When it comes to campers you can be sure that the patterns that designers choose are gonna be a sure shot, like their skateboard shoes. I have their Italian distributor on my side and I couldn’t be happier about it: Fresco Distribution hooks me up with the freshest campers ever. This is practically frozen, if you consider that this is a preview that will be available in a month with the next Spring delivery to the selected shops that deal in Lakai. Ready for good vibes and blue skies the Printed Duck camper can’t wait to meet nice weather with you. With the shape that we already had the chance to see here when I reviewed the Trippy camper, this cap that Nadia R is wearing is on a more discreet vibe. Reminiscing something among marble and cracks on the ground, this item has a more defined shape: its fabric is a little thicker and therefore more solid of the one I showed you more than one year ago. That woven label on the front panel is your guarantee: this piece belongs to the same collection of the shoes that your heroes skate. By this I mean Vincent Alvarez, Sebo Walker, Miles Silvas, beside the veterans Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll and Brandon Biebel among others. With these names backing up the stainless reputation of Lakai, you just have to wait a few weeks then you cop this cap, no worries.

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