Lakai ● Danny Brady by Fresco Distribution

Danny Brady is a bloody talented pro skater. Like this wasn’t enough he belongs to a much en vogue skate squad known as Palace. For you wannabe fans of skater look that buy Palace triangle tees without knowing much about it, look at the insoles here. PWBC stands for Palace Wayward Boys Choir. To make a long story short nothing is wrong with Palace: the problem is the army of its fake skaters fans.

With this said we are ready to check this juicy preview courtesy of Fresco Distribution. Danny Brady pro model for Lakai Footwear is not out yet, considering that it should hit stores around September. This makes it even more precious but these skate kicks didn’t need added value considering that they shine like gold. I’m in love with its silhouette. The more I look at my feet the more I like it. Not only its shape looks rad but white/ivory colorway is as classy as a 5’o clock tee with your mum friends dressed in brocade.

Beside the look, these skate kicks in the hands of Giulia Z are ready for action. Vulcanized outsole is always a skaters favorite and its low profile tongue has a little padding well hidden. The padded sensation reaches its apex when you slip your feet in and feel the insole. A real good balance of protection and sensibility, look for the Brady pro at a real skateshop in your area. Get in touch with Fresco to know where is the nearest Anchor Skateshop and give a big f___ you to sporting goods company: Lakai is where it’s at! Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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