Lakai – Griffin by Fresco Distribution

The saga continues, my dear readers: welcome to the third part of Six Sick Kicks week. How could I leave out Lakai Limited Footwear from this Christmas special?! This brands stays true to the game and it wouldn’t be nice not to feature their Griffin model. Tested one year ago by the technical wizardry of the rookie that everybody loves aka Miles Silvas, this model in the hands of Susy B follows the rule “you don’t change a winning horse”. In it to win it since day one, I respect and support this brand that, let me remind you, at one point was regrouping under the same umbrella from Eric Koston to Lucas Puig, from Mike Mo to Alex Olson. Times change and so do team riders but the only thing that didn’t change at Lakai is that these are still the shoes they skate. They are still working hard to put out the best skateboard shoes to allow your feet to push forward the limits of your skateboarding. The Griffin has it all. A simple shoe, here you have a vulcanized construction, a hidden midsole for confort, a grippy tread and a clean seamless design on the reinforced upper. May I say it? Beside function, let me give a special shoutout to that tongue branding that looks dumb nice. This is what Lakai team riders love to skate and there is so much love surrounding this model that it’s even available in a kids version, as I showed you not long ago. No matter your age, Fresco Distribution got your back with fresh Lakai.

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