Lakai – Griffin kids suede by Fresco Distribution

Do you remember when back in 98 ODB jumped on stage at the Grammy Awards ceremony and said: “Wu Tang is for the children”? Well, even Lakai is not too far from that mind state and this is proof: even this pair of Griffin is for the children. Their distributor here in Italy thought it was about time to focus on the young ‘uns and I agree. Recently this kid at the park was like “Hey Max, look, I just learned how to backside disaster” so I really know the deal: kids rip and they need proper skateboard shoes in order to rip even more. Fresco Distribution sent in this Lakai beauties called Griffin Kids so I had to rely on little friend Giulia R to show you these kicks. Little feet are now ready for big skate tricks, with the support of this highly requested model. A clean toe construction and a seamless vamp on the upper together with the herringbone thread of the outsole will lead the kids to a better performance. Don’t worry about the confort: a hidden midsole crating makes easy a whole day of non-stop skating. The final touch is that unique tongue branding with an orange leather label. Lakai footwear are the shoes that Mike Carroll and Rick Howard skate so there is not much more that you need to know. The independent brand founded by them in 1999 takes care of the feet of skateboarders worldwide with an eye on performance and the other on aesthetics (without forgetting all the good fun that skateboarding includes), regardless of your age.

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