Lakai – Hudson by Fresco Distribution

If you have a deep love for skateboard shoes you may know that Lakai made a division called Echelon. If you don’t have that love but you are an avid reader of this blog you may remember the last time we saw a Lakai Echelon model, when I reviewed the Albany. It was almost one year ago when we discussed that the shoes you wear are always a matter of identity, so no big deal if you are not skating today, you just want to show the world your love for skateboarding. The Hudson is a canvas shoe with a couple of inserts in eco leather that is perfect for those summer days where you want to put together a clean outfit. The silhouette of this model is innovative, with round traits that get along well with its sleek shape. The branding is kept to a minimum, with a label on the upper and a tab on the heel. Its white vulcanized outsole contributes to the “good boy” style of this shoe that can’t wait to create panic among your friends when you wear it with a chambray cap. Don’t worry if you are not interested in creating a case for the fashion police, these Hudson in the hands of Elena S are quite versatile and could represent a valid solution even for those that don’t care too much and just want an unusual nice pair of shoes. Lakai is a Fresco Distribution brand since day one and nothing much has changed. Same dope shoes, same reliable service after all these years.

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