“From Brooklyn, Albany Projects/been around the world with the DJ sets, catching wreck” (Erick Sermon)

If I look back for a minute, I surely wouldn’t have thought to be here in 2014 showing you this Lakai Albany but… never say never. I always had love for Lakai, why should I hide it?! It must be the founders, the team or the communication based on the fun that you can have skateboarding but this brand is really solid to my eyes. It happens that the natural evolution of things took Lakai to think of another collection. Enter Echelon, the division of Lakai that moves just a bit from the claim “the shoes we skate”. These are the shoes that you wear to go to that industry meeting or if you have to stay at your desk the whole day. Why shall you wear a performing skateshoe when you could wear a light and confortable lifestyle shoe like this? Look at these pictures with Gisella R and tell me: don’t you think that these could be some high fashion designer shoes? Like, if a very popular brand from Milan dropped these for 250 euros, wouldn’t you see them all over worn by wealthy people?! This is reality by the way and there is Lakai backing these kicks. This fact makes them more real to me. Real like a design team headed by Scott Johnston can be. Fresco Distribution sent in this black version of the Albany that you may have seen already in the Swanski collaboration. You don’t find it in your shop yet but you won’t wait for long: these are part of fall/winter 2014 delivery. Try these and you will love Lakai as I do

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