“Mafia flicks tryin up tricks was his main hobby/teachin his seed Wu-Tang karate” (Raekwon)

We all knew that the minds over at Lakai Footwear are mad creative but I sure wasn’t ready for this. From one of the independent brands that still resist to the steamroller action of worldwide corporations, here comes Crane tee.

I am used to smart humor from Lakai but this tee here had me rolling on the floor laughing. You recognized him of course: it’s Ralph Macchio in that Karate Kid pose. While you could be like “Oh, cool, he’s rockin’ Lakais”, there is way more to read between the lines.

Skateboarding is a bit like martial arts in the sense that you gotta feel it in your mind, body and soul but on the contrary of the movie poster that said: “He taught him the secret of karate lies in the mind and heart. Not in the hands” here the secret lies a bit in your skateboard shoes.

While no miracle is granted, surely a pair of Lakai will make a difference for your feet, ask about it to Fresco Distribution. The t-shirt that Chiara C is wearing is a fine piece. Showing a well detailed print, this tee is ready to bring happiness everywhere, no matter if you skate or you don’t.

Let it be clear: if you skate with the right attitude, your mind can evolve and your humor may become a very smart humor. Now that I think of it, this and the miracle tricks if you get a pair of Lakai, are not included in the price: you gotta make an effort but we firmly believe in you.

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