“The Best Week Ever had her goin for broke like Eddie Griffin/or Danny Bonaduce, but no he never listened

It was only last week when we talked about Lakai Limited Footwear. Their Crane tee is funny but let’s not forget that a brand whose claim is “the shoes we skate” gotta have its focus on skateboard shoes.

The Chocolate Griffin belongs to that Anchor program that I told you about last season. If your shop is supporting the actual activity of skateboarding, chances are that it may be part of this program. The Griffin that you see here in the hands of Mara V gets a restyling where it gets branded on the tongue, insole and heel tab with the iconic Chocolate logo.

The skate brand founded in 1994 by the godfathers of Girl skateboards is formed by an all star team where seasoned veterans of style and finesse share their skateboards with the most talented and hungry rookies in the game. It goes without saying that this shoe has to represent this standard of skateboarding to the fullest and it truly does.

Beside the color palette that is easy to love (how can you dislike natural gum?!), its functionality is on point. Easy to break in as soon as you wear it, this vulcanized sole is the right compromise of confort and durability.

The round toe is there to make your board flip exactely how you want it and its structure in general gives protection to your foot without being too stiff.

Call Fresco Distribution and ask them to put you on the Anchor map. Don’t forget to hide sandals, cruisers and boardshorts before they visit you.

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