LBSTR ● Oyster Interwash denim

LBSTR denim has been on this blog already but it’s been a while. I still rock those denims that I posted here in 2010 and I gotta confess that I even used those as a sample to make re-cut a few denim experiments I did, following those lines. This is 2013 by the way and a lot of stuff changed as far as fit goes. A little bird told me that ultra-tight-metal-fan-lookalike denims are dead and relaxed fit is the way to go now. So from LBSTR collection I picked this Oyster Interwash model and I am happy to tell you that it’s a dream come true. Comfortable, with all the attention in craftmanship that comes from true made in Italy , the secrets of this bangin’ item are two: fit and wash. This fit is like cruising through the city with a limousine: no stress. Room in abundance for all you pack inside your boxers and inside your pockets make this item something that you will find yourself wanting to wear again and again. At the leg bottom it doesn’t open much and this means that your slim kicks will be friend with this pant. The wash not only makes it nice to the eye but even soft. Are you tired to fake a Japanese style with dark denims made in China after a few years? Be true to yourself and come as you are, because LBSTR awaits you with open arms. This brand is one of the realest around, getting support from all the sides of street culture, be it music, street sports or graffiti. As far as music goes hip hop is a favourite, as you should know from that Struggle varsity fleece that I reviewed here last September. Since day one LBSTR and Unlimited Struggle label have been on the same wavelenght. On that note I’m happy to tell you that Dj Shocca aka Roc Beats and Mistaman will be performing a dj set and a showcase next Saturday at Clash Club. You gotta come, no matter the fit of your denim. Photo courtesy of Rachele Daminelli.

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