LBSTR – Deep Black crewneck

Here we are with a little update on the LBSTR crew. After I rolled with these cats in Berlin at their booth last Bright Tradeshow, I know that they are up to bigger and better things. The new collection is solid and there is also a strong collaboration among this brand and the Chef Family so we definitely can see that the brand is not sleeping on its laurels but rather yet it’s always into something à la NWA. You can tell it from this item that Paola T is wearing today. Its name is Deep Black crewneck and what makes interesting at a first sight is that innovation is playing a big part here. Far from an average printed hoodie, this piece has jacquard inserts that make it precious, something that catches the eye because of its craftsmanship. Its geometric design incorporates that infamous lobster pincer that is synonymous with this brand, created originally by street art grandmaster and bicycle expert Cento Canesio. In a balanced positioning, you have this pattern mainly in the top part where the collar is, but also in the part of the sleeve close to the hem. The juxtaposition of the modern color block cut and its old school vibe is fascinating and funny, just like this brand got you used to through its activity. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of this brand and you can bet that there will be a lot of hype around this celebration when the time is right. If you can’t wait, calm down and peep the recent skate tour of Sicily by LBSTR team. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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