LBSTR – Drum dungarees

The reason why I’m posting this LBSTR item today is very emotional: all the crew is in Berlin at Bright tradeshow, at their booth and I am not there with them so, this is my way to say “next time, guys!”. We saw LBSTR items for a long time now, did we?! The first tee I ever posted from this brand goes back to the beginning of 2009. This year it’s the 10th anniversary and to celebrate we are all going to party on July 2nd to celebrate. But the reason that brings us here today is not to party but to check these Drum dungarees that Paola T is wearing. How nice is the idea to bring back such an essential workwear item?! Now that we have this transitional moment where we are going back to a relaxed/baggy fit after the slim fit stayed on top for years, Drum dungarees are the way to go. Get ready for all the activities that keep you connected with the streetwear scene with this denim item. No matter if you are a writer, a skater or a DJ, these pants will make you feel comfortable. As you may know pants are a point of strength of every LBSTR collection: there are plenty of models each with their own fit and washing. Here the designer opted for a raw blue with no washing at all that makes contact stitchings stand out more. Every detail is on point, from the custom buttons to the red label on the front to the trademark claws. You don’t play 10 years in the game “just because”… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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