LBSTR – Gothic long sleeve t-shirt

If there is an element that is never missing from LBSTR collections it’s fun but this time things are serious. Art director Cento Canesio is a hell of a character if you consider that beside this occupation he is one of the most sought after Italian street artists, beside being a bicycle aficionado like no other. If this is not enough he may tell you a thing or two about hardcore punk, being him a pioneer of this underground cult in his area. It’s probably this aspect of his life that pushed him to create this Gothic long sleeve t-shirt that says “Less People More Money”. Being aware of what goes down in the world, he wanted to create a piece with Street Goth aesthetics in mind but the thing is that he added a strong political message to this tee. Anarchist anti-war collective Crass created in the late 70s a movement that span all over Europe in a pre-internet era that linked in a solid way activists from any country. “Fight War not wars” and “Destroy power not people” were claims part of their propaganda, with the first that is even a title of one of their tracks. It’s good to see these words printed on a LBSTR piece that is part of their Spring 15 collection. The whole thing sounds to me like this brand is trying to give us a wake up call. So don’t sleep on it, cop this t-shirt that Francesca M is wearing and the rest of LBSTR collection at an authorized dealer near you but most of all fight for your right to say no to war (with style).

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