LBSTR – Lobmilk Milkcrate

Let me take a trip down memory lane like I was Biz Markie performing “Pickin’ boogers”. When streetwear was related to what you may easily call “hood culture” it wasn’t something that was easily accessible like it is now. In the hood things weren’t always good like they should, economically speaking. People were struggling to give a sense to that mathematic equation “my passions + my work + my loved ones = my lifestyle”. Sometimes work didn’t pay enough so you had to came out with alternative ways to take care of your passions. That’s when the milkcrate became essential. If you were a DJ that barely could afford his vinyls, you had no money left for the flight case. In the same way if you were a writer you had to spend all your money on spray cans, so no dollars left for the ladder, if you had to make a tall piece. Ghetto sports? Your milk crate can became the basket where you throw your ball in if you cut the bottom and you nail it to an electricity pole. You skateboard? You have no idea of how many tricks you can do with the help of a milkcrate. And if you are not an active guy… you can sit on it. Jeppy and Cento, LBSTR founders are born and raised on hood mentality and so this season they thought that a return to the roots was much needed. You will see around a lot of this Lobmilk milkcrate that Camilla M is playing with, just keep in mind that I was the one that took some time to explain you where it comes from. Special thanks to Bergamo Street Army for the vinyls. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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