LBSTR x Cope 2 – Uptown Crewneck

True to the game like a few others, it’s no secret that LBSTR is desperately in love with all the things you love: from street art to tattoos, from skateboarding to hardcore punk, from hip hop to fixed gear bikes. LBSTR is down with writing since day zero. This means “even before the brand was born”. That’s a quite evident statement if you peep its writer piggybank Littorina or if you remember that Graffiti t-shirt that I posted here. This brand has respect for street culture, in the most deep and classic sense, being LBSTR art director Cento, one of the most sought after street artists of the whole Italian nation. When Cope 2 was visiting Italy, the LBSTR squad got to exchange some thoughts on the good ole days of aerosol art on trains with the Bronx grandmaster, hence the idea of a collaboration came along. How could you miss something done with one of the originators of the whole subway art movement? With its trademark bubble style dripping red blood paint, you can bet that this terry cloth crewneck will be a major success in LBSTR Spring Summer 15 season. The whole collaboration will appeal to die hard fans of early graff scene that recognize the value of this artist and have mad love for this brand. The Uptown crewneck that Elisa G is wearing is also available as a hoodie or a t-shirt. Get in touch with LBSTR to know where is the authorized dealer closer to where you live or wait it out until you can find this piece on Markershop website.

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