“The name is Dres, like silk I get slick/drop rhymes like a basehead Bic flicks” (Dres)

LBSTR never gets caught off guard. If things are changing and new trends are sneaking into streetwear, this brand is fast to catch up. One thing is to copy but another thing is to get inspired and to give your own twist, staying original like it has always been since day one. No wonder that the artistic direction comes from one of the most sought after italian street artists aka Cento Canesio. If everybody is doing all over sublimated prints, be it with floral designs or with golden opulence, LBSTR with this Bic t-shirt that Nadia R is wearing stays true to its origins. A writer is constantly in touch with pen and paper when he hasn’t got a spray can in his hands. Cento played with LBSTR logo making it look like it’s the product of somebody making sketches on paper with its Bic pen. I saw this brand grow up since its birth and I am happy to tell you that the whole Italian street scene has a bunch of love for LBSTR, from fixed bike lovers but also by skateboarders, by hip hop fans but also by EDM aficionados. Nothing but street support for LBSTR! Come tomorrow night at their party at Rocket in Milan with the whole Unlimited Struggle roster performing and visionary grandmaster Spiller dj set to drive the dance floor crazy, beside a bunch of other names. Get involved, bring home a gadget but most of all meet your friends and dance. That’s what this brand is all about, moreover: having a good time with the fam in style.

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