Le Coq Sportif ● Tricolore Pant Slim

Pants are an interesting territory. To witness firsthand the evolution of this part of the wardrobe in the last seasons has been nothing short than amazing but I couldn’t expect anything like this item by Le Coq Sportif.

Once denim fever lost a bit of its perpetual momentum, all the variations of jogger pants became more and more interesting. Creativity was put to a test and a few brands really excel in this sense, including in their proposal excellent pieces. One of them is this Tricolore Pant Slim that I picked personally last time I passed by Le Coq Sportif headquarters in Milan.

Look at every little detail and you will come to the conclusion that the accuracy that has been put in the ergonomic design of these pants is far from being average. That’s why I can relate to the direction of this brand that is taking sportswear to the next level. What made me curious at first about this pant was the multicolor cuff that represents the French flag but looking closely there is a lot more.

Beside the zippered pockets covered by a flap with a tricolored ribbon, the key of the style of this item is its ergonomic design. Curved lines redefine your back giving it the attention that you can’t find in another fleece pant. This upgraded sportswear style is the starting point for all sort of new outfits that you can put together.

Mix and match here is the guiding line to a new urban elegance that wants you as the main character. Believe in yourself: Le Coq Sportif… got your back

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