Le Coq Sportif – Asse 76 crewneck

If there is a word that gets thrown here and there these days it’s “heritage”. That is a plus that not every brand can claim to its name and considering that it’s synonymous with authenticity, it has an importance like winning a Champions League trophy if you are into football. Who can be more authentic than somebody that has a long history? Le Coq Sportif can definitely be counted in this number. The French brand is born in 1892 so there is no need to build up: the heritage is there. Le Coq Sportif is an official sponsor of the football team known as Association Sportive Saint Etienne since 2015, so this year it was mandatory to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its victory of the… Champions League in 1976. That’s why a whole collection has been created for those that feel true values of sportswear. Check this Asse 76 crewneck that Jessica T is wearing. Designed in a bright shade of green to give props to the original color of the team (called in French les Verts, that stands for the Green), this item has a flocked print that is a subtle reference to the squared poles of the football goal of Glasgow stadium, where the team played an epic match. Putting a final touch to this design with that little logo on the sleeve, this is how a heritage piece has to be. This crewneck made of smooth brushed fleece has a clean design and a relaxed fit, reminiscing of the era it pays homage to. Beware of slapdash heritage sportswear: Le Coq Sportif is the real deal. Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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