Le Coq Sportif ● Caban Tribune

While the countdown to Christmas can’t be stopped, we must remember that it will be New Years eve right after. How about a gift from Santa that can be used on that occasion? Here I come with a state of the art coat that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

Cut & sewn with the utmost care that Le Coq Sportif got us used to, the Caban Tribune coat is the ultimate object of desire when it comes to your wardrobe. This item, inspired by a timeless sailor style, is not designed to wander around the seven seas, but rather to go to the stadium for a Fiorentina Calcio match, the soccer team proudly sponsored by this brand. Its wool blend composition makes it warm and as you can see from these pictures of Giuseppe P the keyword here is fit. This coat may be easily worn with sneakers but also with loafers or boots, according to your style.

With its double closure and ribbed pockets on the chest, there is an evident level of detail that makes this a great coat. Like this wasn’t enough the designer wanted to give this item an extra touch, in order to reach next level. That’s why you have these two little waterproof zippers on the collar that allow this item to transform as you feel.

It’s always a matter of feeling when it comes to the French brand and its finesse. That’s why this time I am trying to give it justice posting on YouTube a “making of” clip of the shooting. Show it to Santa too, just in case…

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