Le Coq Sportif – LCS R900 Chambray Blue

The change of colorway in a pair of shoes may be something that you hardly notice or, like with these sneakers by Le Coq Sportif, something radical. You just stick to the script, thinking of the previous version of your shoe and you change colors and materials in a way that makes it… completely different from the previous. We have seen this model before last October, in its Outdoor Pack version but here we are in front of something that embodies the word finesse. I can see several ways to rock this LCS R900 Chambray Blue. From the hypebeast that wants flavorful sneakers to match his chambray bucket hat to the regular guy that wears pullover and shirt that want to look good without worrying too much about the flavor of the month. This is actually the point. We are not dealing with pink or aqua green here: the colorway of this version is timeless. When do you think you can knock off shelves colors like blue and brown?! The formula of this LCS R900 is based on lightness and confort. The Dynactif system that this brand patented 25 years ago is based on a dual density midsole that will make you feel alright even in a lifestyle model like this in the hands of Mara V. Considering the strong similarity with denim I would avoid to wear this model by the French brand with your jeans. Take those chinos or jogger pants out your closet: it’s time to look great. I guarantee for the sneakers but the rest of the outfit is up to you. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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