Le Coq Sportif – Wendon Woman Classic

I witnessed a lot as far as footwear in my life and let me tell you that never before sneakers magnetized our attention like they do now. Not only these shoes are accepted almost everywhere now but their evolution keeps us on our toes because we don’t want to miss what’s next. Beside the innovative tech ones, brands are focusing on lifestyle shoes: sneakers that are not performance driven but rather their function is to let us walk in a comfortable way. This time we are checking out a pair by Le Coq Sportif designed with female feet in mind. You know how our beloved women are sensible to fashion, right? Think how easy we are providing a solution to match their pink tops and their light denim shorts with his Wendon Woman Classic. The sneakers on display in Claudia C hands are clearly inspired by the running silhouette from the 60s that Le Coq Sportif is known for. Made of a mix of woven (on side panels), suede (on toes) and leather (on heels), every detail of the Wendon is designed in order to create a lightweight shoe that has a solid structure at the same time. A staple in Le Coq Sportif collection, this model is also available in different materials and colors. Women are sensible towards fashion, we were saying: don’t you want to give them a few options? If you want to browse Le Coq Sportif website you will be surprised by its women section. Several solutions for a sporty style are waiting for you (and I’m not talking about sneakers only…). Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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