“Let me tell you dudes what I do to protect this/I shoot at you actors like movie directors” (Jay Z)

Second instalment of the Hey Dude shoes reviews is about this Rimini charcoal that you see here above. First and foremost, as I told you this is a brand from Italy, so I’m specially happy to see a shoe whose name is the most popular seaside resort in Italy. Now this is a way to show some love back to the motherland. Second, out of the many styles for man and woman this one is really appealing to me. It reminds me of something but I can’t really tell you what, exactely. Rimini is a bit more dressy compared to the Farty that we have seen two days ago but even this time it’s the lightweight that got me stoked. With a vintage dirty sole belonging to “flex and fold” technology once again, its pointed shape that truly makes the difference, this is an allround pair of sneakers that will get you anywhere your soul wants. Truly incarnating the spirit of the word “urban” you can use it from the office to the restaurant, from the boat of your friend to the club where you’re going late at night and you won’t be out of place in any of these situations. Made of eco leather not to compromise weight, this shoe got your feet protected without blocking your ankle at all.The delicate insert of chambray outside together with striped pattern inside are that touch of finesse that you are fiending for. I know this, otherwise you won’t be reading this blog. That tongue with that fleur-de-lis logo is discreet in the very end, since your denim will drop on it and the side panels almost cover it entirely in case you’re wearing shorts.  It’s nice to see a good quality price rate on a product conceived in Italy that in Tuscany is in the perfect context. People there are used to magnificence but at the same time they live a carefree vibe that doesn’t catch me by surprise, once I see that this item comes from there. This is The Maxiemillion suggestion if  you want to give a shot to stop looking hood and finally you can start to understand the meaning of looking good.

Seconda puntata di esplorazione dell’universo Hey Dude shoes, dove le scarpe sono leggere e belle ed il rapporto qualità prezzo è sensato. Il design ispirato dall’ambiente fiorentino, figlio di una magnificente tradizione, ma contemporaneamente rilassato e senza stress ci propone per questo post la Rimini Charcoal. Molto somigliante ad un’altra calzatura probabilmente da voi già vista, la Rimini eccelle anche stavolta per la leggerezza. Suola invecchiata vintage e tomaia in ecopelle, dettagli sul collo in tela chambray e interno in tela rigata ne fanno una calzatura sportiva ma molto curata nel dettaglio. Ha un look più urbano rispetto alla Farty di due giorni fa. Dove vai vai, con questa calzatura ai piedi ne esci vincente. Discreta, attuale e confortevole, sicuramente la Rimini è un modello interessantissimo da non sottovalutare.

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