Life’s A Beach – Buggin’ Out Tye Dye t-shirt

No, we are not talking about that Nas joint, read carefully: it’s Life’s A Beach. I have an hard time to be impartial now because the comeback of Life’s A Beach for me is like the return of the first partner I kissed: unforgettable and therefore very emotional. I don’t think you are familiar with this brand unless you are in your thirties (at least). Life’s a Beach is a bit like Dr. Dre a few years ago: been there, done that. Skaters and motorcyle riders sponsored by the same brand? Check. All over print pants? Check. Five panel caps? Check. Platinum artists rockin’ this brand? Check. When I was a teenager I started to see the first pieces by this brand in Italy around 86, during my transition from hardcore punk to skater. Needless to say in those pre-internet times it was very hard to get to know street things, let alone to buy cool items. Life’s a Beach has been, together with Thrasher, my first memory of a “skate t-shirt”. Recently the brand came back to life and it didn’t lose its rebel attitude like you can see from this Buggin Out Tie Dye tee that Francesca T is wearing. Hippies favorite technique to dye t-shirts is not going anywhere soon. Add to this the strong statement printed on this tee and you are ready to shine. Dare to be different and give an opportunity to this brand: check Life’s a Beach website and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget that when you wear this it’s “skate rebel or die” time.

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