Lonely Friends ● Money Duffy t-shirt

Lonely Friends is bringing it all back to the essence. Millennials are confusing this streetwear thing with a sort of “second choice high fashion” for a simple reason: they do not know where this culture comes from. Fortunately I’m here to give you an insight, starting from general principles, in order to let you have a clear focus on what we are talking about.

Conform or be a rebel, there wasn’t many options when the streetwear phenomenon started at the end of the 80’s. Streetwear had a double function back then. The first was to give you apparel that you could actually move comfortably in while doing your thing, no matter if it was skateboarding or writing, just to name a couple of activities. The second was to let underground soldiers connect, recognizing themselves from the clothes they wore, that expressed their respective field of interest.

So, in case you are quite lost in this, we original streetwear fans never judge someone’s style by the cost of its outfit. Our interest revolves around different principles: by how hard to find something is and by the creativity to put together an outfit that looks good, regardless of this exclusive extra expensive wave of apparel thrown at us simply isn’t ours.

This is where Lonely Friends came into the picture, with its metaphorical concept that turns pop culture into something twisted, dirty if you want but mad funny, with an automatic appeal that you just can’t resist.

Bugs Burn, Sweet Lola, Kool Taz and Money Duffy are the members of this dysfunctional squad of friends that has something to say in unison: don’t believe the hype. Our focus is on the latter, the compulsive gambler that always has a cigarette in the corner of its mouth.

Money Duffy t-shirt (also available as Money Duffy hoodie with flamboyant sleeve details) show a rough approach to design just like the whole collection. In an unusual plot, the graphics look more like sketches on a writer book rather than polished photoshop designs, increasing their rebel factor. Will this money heist bring to our duck all the money in this world? It’s a spin off project by Basedodici that needs your intelligent attitude (in case you love real streetwear).

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