“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane/Meth-Tical, let the whole world know my fu***n name” (Method Man)

Men from any era always wanted to fly. Remember Icarus? Sure you don’t… Men from this era want to be fly. Remember Missy Elliot and Jim Jones? Sure you do! Well, this New Era cap is “Icarus on speed meets Jim Jones & Missy Elliot” at the player’s ball. How can’t you feel anything (and I mean anything) coming from 12 Grain label? This superhero called Sam Flores (I’m talking about the artist, not the design on the 59fifty cap) has a hand that is soft as a feather, delicate yet impressive and vivid. Oriental humans seem to inspire his work, but the Up up and away cap is as worldwide as Royal Flush. I prefer, instead of preaching for hours about how dope this cap is, to tell you what I listened in my car the night after I came in contact with this cap. You know I love free download of mixtapes, do you? That night I just burned on a cd the unbelievable radio session (or a studio session masked as a radio one) from Clinton Sparks and Lil’ Jon: Smash Time Radio Las Vegas Edition vol. 6. Can you say energy? This tape is funny and fast exactely like that flying being on the cap. I found it hilarious to listen again Sean Combs brag with a pretentious attitude “They call me Diddy!” like he was sayin something really important and majestic. Lil Jon has a conversation while eating his chicken. It doesn’t get more ghetto than this. Beside the funny stuff this cd has a stellar line up including everyone: from party anthem mc Fatman Scoop to newcomer The Dream, from early Wu Tang to new Black Eyed Peas. So you can match your cap to your kicks but I doubt that you can match your cap to the cd you’re listening unless you read my post about Dopium already… Stay fly, don’t ask me why.

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