Los Vladimirovich – The Maxiemillion Baseball jacket

I fell in love at first sight with Los Vladimirovich. All goes back to August 2014. I was checking Capsule Las Vegas when in front of me I saw this booth that had a killer style. Only black pieces on its hangers and a cut and sew level so evident that made me think I was in front of something special. Its collection includes this Baseball Jacket that has several different embroideries on the back. One of these said “Milionario”. That actually sparked my love with Los Vladimirovich as you can easily understand. The more I knew it, the more I felt intrigued by this brand from Mexico. Its complete name is Los Vladimirovich Marath & Yurik Menswear Collective (LVM&Y.MC). This brand saw the light of day in 2010, when some individuals came together as an extended family to create clothing based on modern functionality, comfort, simplicity, quality and detail. What makes this brand strong is the feeling of family that makes them feel like one. The people involved in Los Vladimirovich feel bonded by the union of their collective that in this way becomes a faceless brand where everybody involved is equally important. I got in touch with them and they seemed to like the idea of developing a custom piece for this blog. Can you tell how happy I am to rock such a fine piece? The level of craftsmanship is major and like this wasn’t enough this Baseball Jacket has my name written in a 3d embroidery on top and Владимирович on the bottom that stands for… Los Vladimirovich. What a jacket!

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