LRG ● Irie Ringer Knit

LRG, thank you for this special delivery, we really were in need of a retro style that made us a bit down to earth and eco conscious but let’s take a step back.


Last time I had the pleasure to post on the blog an item of this brand it was a Boyz n The Hood collaboration tee, remember? Today we shift the focus a bit from cinematic tales in order to elevate our spirit (who but the Lifted Research Group can make us succeed in this?!).


Irie Ringer Knit tee is available in two colorways, black and white. I thought it would have been nice to post both of them and so I made it happen. With the help of Michela P and Elena S I am giving you my perspective on the Black Star of Africa and its red, yellow and green stripe. I am not a Rastafarian myself but I can relate on many of the principles of this spiritual movement.


Peace, equality and love for God to cite a few. I found myself loving rastafarian colors since I was a fan of Bob Marley when he dropped Uprising in 1980. Let’s face it: the colors that represent the Ethiopian Flag (symbolizing a return to the Motherland of African American people) beside their meaning are a joyful color combination. And the Black Star symbolizing among other things the Black Star Line Movement founded by Marcus Garvey is strong and powerful in an afrocentric point of view.


The outcome is that you can relate to these two tees for several reasons: because with their retro flavor these ringer tees may seem souvenirs from Jamaica, because you are into reggae or because you like the little LRG embroidered on the chest but it’s not hard to empathize with such colors.


Give some Jah Irie feeling to your Summer peeping LRG website. You will surely find something that with “underground inventive, overground effective” will represent your vibe properly.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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