LRG ● Jam Rock Jersey

Having a blog sometimes has an advantage as follows: if you are in a good relationship with a brand or a distributor, you may get to see in advance what will drop in future seasons and this is the case today with this LRG item.

I would say welcome to the jungle if this item wasn’t from this brand, but being part of Lifted Research Group collection of Spring 2019 I am here to say to you “Welcome to Jamnock!”. This Jam Rock Jersey that Kim M is wearing is called in this way because of an inspiration coming from Damien Marley hit of worldwide fame.

It is no secret that we are dealing with a brand that promotes equality for the human race and engages frequently in concepts related to animals that become metaphors of consciousness. Here the running leopard may represent how we have to be fast and never stop in this rat race that our society puts us into. But basically it’s the beauty of nature that doesn’t have to be lost that matters to the eyes of LRG.

I may have shown you a hoodie or a t-shirt but I insisted to put the focus on this item. The thing is that I wanted to show you how LRG evolved in these last seasons with a cut & sew item. It was the bast way that can give you the picture of what this brand is planning to… lift the level of perception of this brand from the public. Creativity and a personal interpretation of current trends are not lacking in what I have seen.

This perforated jersey has a neat definition front and back and the sporty touch of the woven label close to the hem is the right touch that this item needed. With Nitro Distribution taking over the distribution deal for Italy, you only have to wait a few months before you will see this item in your favorite shops. In the meantime try not to get too involved in the rat race and be free as a leopard.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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