LRG ● Paradise shirt

Unless you walk around with your eyes closed you may have noticed a resurgence of the Hawaiian shirt or all over floral print, as you prefer to call it. Maybe it’s the need to keep it light as far as dress code goes, considering the way the planet and the related global politics are going. Or maybe it’s part of the massive 90s throwback that includes this type of garment but Hawaiian shirts are here to stay.

LRG, the brand whose acronym means Lifted Research Group, gives us its version of the story with a quite unusual pattern. Paradise shirt instead of giving you palms and sunsets dream scenarios went in another time zone: not Hawaii but Japan.

Here the paradise vision is about gheisha faces that are part of the pattern, giving it an exotic twist, without a doubt but… different. A vivid color palette, to make this item “in your face” just like it should, is here to meet your most daring matching options.

The cuban collar is one of the coolest features of this shirt of course, a great way for tattoos fans to show off their chest piece but all in all it’s another detail that puts you in a laid back mood, regardless of your passion for ink.

Its smooth rayon is washed with a special softener to make wearing it even more pleasant. The way it drops is fabulous and makes girls like Sharon Z want to wear it even if it’s a men’s piece.

If you are leaving for holidays it’s a shame not to make it slide inside your baggage, taking by surprise all the new friends that you will meet, with such a witty shirt. You will witness firsthand the “underground inventive, overground effective” that LRG is all about

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