LRG ● Shintaro Denim + Dojo Belt

Bob Marley was right: “In this bright future you can’t forget your past”. Sure thing LRG has wide branches and solid roots, so this is out of the question. Did you forget that when Kanye West wasn’t Yeezy yet he had a couple of LRG ads? Or that denim in that period of the brand was called… LRGeans?

It’s about denim once again as we dwell on the third installment of the LRG Tokyo Rising capsule collection. We approached to it in a mild way with the Rising Beanie and hoodie two days ago and yesterday it was the turn of Shintaro Denim Jacket and Shogun Check Plaid Long Sleeve. Today the spotlight is on Shintaro Denim, here shown together with Dojo Belt.

This is a workwear pant for skilled Samurais that can cut a neck with a single swing of their Hattori Hanzo sword. The problem is that when you do such job for a living all the blood spills on your clothes so you always end up your working day going home mad dirty. Well.. why to hide it?!

In a full LRGeans tradition no detail was left untouched. Starting from the light grey acid wash, this pant has been distressed to the point of having quite a few holes. It’s on the back pocket that we find once again the same design that was on the front of yesterday’s jacket in form of patch.

Don’t miss the black coin pocket with Japanese ideograms, contrasting with grey denim. The final touch on such masterpiece pant is an embroidered fake-ideogram LRG logo where you usually have a leather patch for branding.

Dojo Belt is mad long, to let it hang and show it off. Ideograms and Japanese flags are screen printed all over in a progressive way.

I told you in the opening line: LRG has a glorious past but its future looks bright…
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Audio system Get Together courtesy of Marley
Sneakers Stunner courtesy of CU4TRO
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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