LRG ● Rising beanie + hoodie

I couldn’t get more love from LRG. The lifestyle brand that you learned to love since 1999, when it was founded by Jonas Bevacqua (RIP) and Robert Wright, is doing great these days.

Inspired by wild animals, anti-racism and free thinking modus operandi, this brand is a key player of the streetwear game. Straight from its headquarters I received a box full of items part of Tokyo Rising capsule collection and therefore a three days special is mandatory.

For the next three days The Maxiemillion focus will be on such capsule that has a strong taste and an even stronger appeal. Tokyo Rising tells samurai tales of blood and honor, city streets and sharp blades to create an imaginary scene where your style is the main character.

Rising beanie is a jacquard headwear piece that relies on Japan’s most known symbol, the rising sun, to evoke far away atmospheres.

Such symbol is reoccurring through the whole capsule, so you would better get used to it. You also find it on Tokyo Rising Hoodie, beneath the kangaroo pocket but the biggest one that is basically the focal point of the item is on the back.

Forget your average hoodie because here the designer went the extra mile here. Beside these light canvas patches you also have a detailed screen printing job close to the hem of the hoodie. Same for the sleeves, where you find Japanese ideograms close to the cuffs.

LRG is chopping copycats dreams from your head, in order to give you a mindset where you don’t have to think twice before you swing your sword, to cut off your life brands lacking in flavor with vague concepts. The California based brand knows exactly its goal: it wants you to have a killer style. That’s all for today. Pass by tomorrow for more bleeding LRG items…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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