LRG – Breakout polo by ASDivision

I’m really psyched on this LRG polo. It brings me back to those days where hip hop was in its golden age and it was alright to dress in expensive clothing to show off. I am not able to tell you the actual reason why now in general people don’t wear polos like back then but one thing is sure: I like this style of garment. Add to this that LRG is one of my favorite brands since the beginning and you may imagine how I love this piece sent in by the Italian distributor ASDivision. “There is not much that you can do with this item as far as design and cut” you may think but LRG replies “Think twice”. The buttons of this Breakout Polo are really close and the black and grey contrasting pattern throughout create a striking contrast with those neon pink buttons. Little details that stand out a lot, this is definitely the case of this fresh to death item. Check the picture of the hem where you can see the trimmings. Even the little giraffe on the left chest, one of the trademarks of LRG, is camouflaged in its black color to make this piece discreet. With its unusual branding on the back of the right sleeve, you can get another confirmation that this brand has his own mindset and doesn’t copy what other brands do. It all depends on your standards: if you only wear t-shirts, this piece may upgrade your style. If you are a business guy that wears shirts in a formal work environment, there is no better solution to feel a chill vibe.


  1. Alessandro Castelli 26 May 2015

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