LRG – RC Crewneck Three by ASDivision

I reviewed an quite large number of crewnecks this season. I think you noticed it by now: all the attention went from hoodies to this kind of garment but what is even more interesting is the fact that there aren’t two crewnecks that look the same. When it comes to an LRG crewneck you can tell from the start that the piece in your hands is 100% original. That’s the modus operandi of the brand founded in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua. Obsession for detail and a superior level of quality are two standards of the LRG production. Always remember that LRG supports independent and underground culture and is very far from being a corporate brand. This is one of the reasons why it maintained its profile high after after all these years. The Lifted Research Group designed this bandana pattern that you can find in this capsule of its Spring Summer 15 called Research Collection, hence the name of this piece RC Crewneck Three. An intricate design composed of the trademark LRG cross, little lightnings and stripes are printed allover to create an obscure and fascinating piece. Full prints may be a little “too much” sometimes but this is not the case. The crewneck that Laura L is wearing in these pictures with this sort of one of a kind plaid stands out discreetly. The brand distributed in Italy by ASDivision never showed sign of weakness since it was born and now that they secured a deal with a new and motivated group of people, its distribution in Italy is up to a good start.

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