LRG – Rotten t-shirt by ASD Italia

I am thinking before I start to write and I came to the conclusion that I never posted anything by LRG before. You want to know why? In California this brand is considered a contemporary classic but here in Europe it never worked up to his potential, not because of the product but because of its distribution. Timing and conditions weren’t interesting for the shops but now with ASD Italy it seems that LRG is up to a new start here. The brand whose acronym stands for Lifted Research Group has been under my radar for years. Beside the tragical loss of its founder Jonas Bevacqua, this brand has always captured my attention for nice reasons: Chico Brenes, Rodrigo TX and Felipe Gustavo are all sponsored by LRG and you know that these names alone mean style with a capital S. Today we are checking the Rotten t-shirt that can give you the picture about the perspective of this brand on style. The first thing that you notice when you watch these pictures of Elena G is how unusual is the positioning of the graphics in the middle of the tee. This graphic concept is here to represent how rotten can we be inside, but beside the actual meaning, it gives an impressive impact that looks great in black and white. What makes it special as far as the cut of the t-shirt is its hem, longer in the back and shorter in the front, following the latest trend. I wish the best to LRG here in Italy with a L.ovely R.eturn to G.reatness.

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