LRG x Boyz n The Hood ● Doughboy Tee

It was about time to talk about this collaboration capsule because… it’s straight gangster. LRG is no longer sponsoring up and coming trappers like Travis Scott these days like it was 2013. Nossir, the brand representing California easy living took a political turn for better and nowadays posts up anti racism billboards in the key points of Los Angeles. LRG has a long story but it never moved too far from the streets. This is one of the reasons why the brand has a loyal fanbase. This is also the reason why when it has to work on a capsule, it develops something that is part of the DNA of OG West Coast culture.

Bring back your calendar to 1991, the year John Singleton dropped the masterpiece movie called Boyz n the Hood. Among other interesting points, this movie marks the acting debut of one of the godfathers of Gangsta Rap: Ice Cube. Representing properly the dynamics of a place called South Central, this movie gives an insight on a real situation that was quite unknown to the masses. Up to then all you saw before about Afro Americans was The Prince of Bel Air, while this movie goes deeper. Its plot reveals in detail how certain attitudes and ways of living develop because of the environment and this is also the reason why the movie gained several awards, because of its cultural relevance.

LRG developed a Boyz in the Hood capsule that is surprisingly on point, like you can see from this Doughboy tee worn by Shaki R. The fatty kid called Doughboy that was played by Baha Jackson is wearing the same striped tee that he had in the movie, with a couple of added details: a thick gold rope and an LRG hat (instead of a Raiders one).

The whole capsule has a strong 90s style, bringing back that Pen & Pixel flavor that in such decade ended up on hundreds of hip hop cd covers.

Go check the rest of this collaboration on LRG website but I gotta warn you: lifestyle is not included, you gotta work on your attitude yourself.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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