LRG x No Limit ● Medallion Hoodie

Do you remember when Jay Z opened Otis by rapping “I invented swag / Poppin’ bottles, putting supermodels in the cab”? Well, if Jigga invented swag Master P invented bling bling. Of course you had the likes of LL Cool J, Rakim and last but not least Slick Rick flossing with huge gold ropes before but Master P made diamonds and gold his trademark.


Take a trip down memory lane: give a look to those ill No Limit album covers designed by Pen & Pixel studio and tell me if I’m exaggerating. The ice cream man from New Orleans was bout it like no other and this is the reason why LRG included his iced out medallion in this collaboration.


With a print of the front of the original tank medallion that P was wearing you may think that this hood is banging but wait: it’s also printed on the back. LRG wanted to show its love with a print under the hoodie of another bling thing, representing LRG this time.


LRG most recent claim is “Respect all cultures” and what can explain it better than this collab? I think that if you put Sfera Ebbasta producer Rvssian (dressed in LRG in Pablo video) on one extreme and No Limit Records on the other, Lifted Research Group talks the talk but also walks the walk. If it’s youth urban culture, LRG is in it.


I wrote a couple of posts already about this collab: first with the No Limit tracksuit then with The World Is Ours T-shirt and this is the last LRG x No Limit item that I post. Are you ready to bling hard? That’s what you should do, following the footsteps of Irene C in these shots. It is not exclusive like buying actual jewelry, financially speaking.


If the nearest shop on Nitro Distribution program is not carrying this collab, you can always cop it online. Are you ’bout it?
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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