LRG x No Limit ● Track Jacket + Pant

We all have felt it by now: never before now the 90s ruled streetwear so much. Another important factor in contemporary urban apparel is that if once it was strictly related to action sports, nowadays the connection with music is even stronger than before. Put these two factors together and a whole new scenario of opportunities opens up.

Now think about LRG, the Californian brand founded by Jonas Bevaqua in 1999. If there is a entity that is sensible to the roots of our culture and never hid its fascination with hip hop, it’s this.

This is basically what happened: Percy Miller aka Master P founding No Limit Records created one of the most iconographically strong record labels. Based in New Orleans, his label was home to rappers C-Murder and Silkk The Shocker, beside his son Lil’ Romeo. While the East Coast never showed much love to it, the rest of the world recognized No Limit as a groundbreaking label that put its mark in rap music.

Think about classic anthems like “Make em say uhh” or the power move to bring Snoop Dogg into the roster in 1999, dropping timeless hits like “B____ please”.

LRG created a collaboration capsule to give back to this epic moment in hip hop history and that’s why you have the No Limit tank embroidered on the front of this LRG x No Limit Track Jacket. Look how this jacket together with the matching LRG x No Limit Track Pant, have bands on the side with the tank logo. It couldn’t be more retro than this.

On these two items, LRG kept its branding to a minimum, consisting of matte black tonal zip pulls.

Rock it to go to a club, rather than to a sneaker convention and I guarantee that you will steal the attention like Evelyn V in these photos, no matter if there is awareness of the No Limit dynasty thing or not. LRG is now part of Nitro Distribution roster so you know who to call for further news (just don’t make em say uhh…).
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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