“I was in Madrid yo/at this hot club shootin’ my video” (LL Cool J)

I like to venture out of conventional skateboards zone. I reviewed quite a few cruisers before and even fingerboards but I never put to a test a longboard. Lucky as I am when I test one it’s a top class complete by Madrid skateboards called Stoogie 39. Who is a longboarder? Beside those that do it at pro levels and enter competitions, in general a longboarder is the veteran skateboarder that has no time anymore like he had before. Or the Californian dude that use it surfer style to go from point A to point B. Or how about a girl like our friend Franci C, here testing these soft rolling wheels. She snowboards during the winter so she was down to give a go to this unusual skateboard. The feeling is completely different from a regular skateboard. The flexing of the wood is a new sensation compared to a stiff skate deck. Carving the asphalt makes any little downhill in front of you an experience that you don’t want to miss. No tricks to try but control to improve gradually. Use your skateboard like a surf, move on it, put your feet on the front in a hang ten position. A totally new playground is in front of you, considering that these new bigger and softer wheels can lead you to places that you wouldn’t explore before. Madrid is not exactly a rookie in this skateboard thing, considering that Jerry Madrid did the transition from shaping a surf to shaping his first fiberglass skateboard in the late 60s. Get down with the pioneers: get down with a Madrid longboard through Nitro Distribution.

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