Make It Good – Glow In The Dark Solar System Men trunks

Maybe you are lost, maybe you aren’t. Maybe you love brands that are well known and established to get approval by your peers, maybe you are looking for something special that other people can’t find, that makes you shine of a new light. If you identify yourself with the second options you are ready to meet Make It Good or simply MIG. This brand from Portland stays true to its name. No gimmicks but a simple credo that may be summed with “if it’s good enough, they will come”. MIG sounds authentic, especially when you hear “good design is built on great materials, and even better craftsmanship” from the founders Avery, Krista, & Leah. This brand designs not only clothing for both men and women but also underwear. Isn’t it an interesting starting point to know them?! This pair of mens underwear that Iade G is wearing today is more than trunks: it’s magic. The effect of surprise that modern times had made us forget pretty easily, is now back with such a piece. Wear it around the house for a while then, when the lights go down, the Solar System printed on the left side of this item will glow in the dark. Don’t ever doubt that this is a move to cover poor quality of the garment: this item is crafted in the USA with 92% of organic cotton and 8% elasthane. For these trunks they sew together 4 pieces making sure that the outcome does not show any label outside and inside: only internal branding but printed, for a better confort. I confirm: they made it good!

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