Makia ● Annual t-shirt

Makia is the brand that tells Helsinki tales with the intensity that may come from true love only. An harbour with real sailors, not those that you see tattooed on your friend that always lived in the center of Milan.

In these extremely harsh weather conditions Joni Malmi and Totti Nyberg had a vision: to create a clean and distinct streetwear/outdoor brand without losing the smart sense of humor cultivated in his years of youth. Destined to a more adult target, this brand stays true to its environment, that’s why this t-shirt pays a tribute to the Monterosso Dockyard: Makia headquarters are dumb close to it.

I didn’t throw at you the word “humor” here above by accident. Do you want to know why I’m saying this? The Annual t-shirt here worn by Nicole R wasn’t supposed to be sold originally. Designed as a souvenir for the annual meeting where the CEO meets designers, sales rep and all the other people involved in the brand, Totti stumbled on it after a while and realized the actual potential of this beauty.

With its graphics inspired by the back panel of those motorcycle clubs jackets, the hog is maybe referred to the sounds that Makia crew emits during the after meeting party where legendary amounts of beer get downed. Don’t take my suppositions for facts and if you want to know the truth about it, you may ask to Fresco Distribution if you may go with the crew to the next annual meeting.

The new Makia SS 17 collection is on and poppin’ on its website, if shopping online is your thing, digital sailor…

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