Makia ● Bennet long sleeve

Helsinki finest strikes again. The key player of the European streetwear game known as Makia has sent in something new, in order to show you the versatility of its range. If lately we had more than a post here on The Maxiemillion to figure out the items belonging to Makia x Von Wright capsule, today the keywords are “minimal” and “essential”. Forget graphic tees that celebrate Finnish nature and culture, we explore another realm today: the plain long sleeve tee.

Probably you already know but in case you aren’t too familiar with the issue the thing is that you should never judge a heather grey jersey at first sight. You need to touch and feel it but most of all you need to see how it lasts in time. Makia always stressed how it perceives apparel: something whose quality is not the result of a fast trend, but rather items you may enjoy wearing time after time.

Made of organic cotton, this Bennet Long Sleeve whose jersey fabric is slightly thicker than a regular tee, almost feels like a lightweight fleece. Feel free to wear it as an ideal complement of two different outfits: overcharged and plain.

You love to wear a hat, your denim jacket has quite a few fresh pins and you opted for a pair of joggers with a graphic print today. What could ever better than a long sleeve tee whose branding is minimal, hidden beneath your jacket?!

You dress in earth tones, hardly any logo or graphic gets the necessary thumb up to end up in your outfit, you think that action speak louder than the way you dress. How could you resist this item whose embroidery on the chest and woven label by the side, close to the hem, are just too nice not to wear your long sleeve on any sunny day?!

All you have to do now is make your shop connect with Fresco Distribution that will be eager to let you be part of a network where streetwear can be good looking and timeless. No shop? No problem! You can rely on the efficient Makia website for your online shopping. Simple and plain (just like this tee…)

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