Makia ● Crown t-shirt

I am able to tell you with certainty: Makia is doing great. I know it firsthand, I visited last Pitti a month ago and I was able to talk with Totti Nyberg, the CCO and co-founder that gave a twist for better to the brand founded by Joni Malmi and Jesse Hyväri.


I told you about Makia before, I’m following the brand since its early beginnings and I witness firsthand the growth that took this brand to a range of about 200 items. There is no secret recipe: a lot of hard work and a tight equipe with the common goal to create an outstanding brand that could give to the world that clean taste of Finnish flavor that Makia is all about.


The research of Makia these days is on fabrics more than ever, color tones that drip flavor and cut & sew pieces that bring out the beauty of apparel as this brand sees it. Clean designs that have an echo even on print tees like this Crown t-shirt. Bringing out once again the need to state its environment, Makia with this t-shirt tells us tales of the harbour of Monterosso, where the brand is located nowadays.


As a test of how really worldwide is the vibe of this brand I sent over the tee to London to my precious collaborator Martina Oberti that shot this tee with the help of Caterina V and I believe that both made a great work styling a men’s tee on a girl, even without my supervision.


If you feel like supervising in the sense of touching and feeling Makia collection because my words aren’t enough, you can count on Totti being the man at Makia booth at the next edition of Seek and you will understand what I meant to say here above. If Berlin is off limits for your busy life, no worries: Fresco Distribution holds it down for Makia since day one, just like an anchor does.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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