Makia ● Departure Jacket + Keel Long Sleeve tee

Makia can surprise you in many ways. Be it its eco sustainable approach or its premium materials, the brand based in Helsinki keeps on raising the quality of its items. Today Makia essential design and a one-of-a-kind colorway create a different emotion that make these two items stand out.

Departure Jacket is based on the classic bomber design but it’s actually a mid season lightweight jacket. Its fabric thanks to a waterproof PU coating called Bionic-Finish® makes this jacket able to withstand a rainy day in the city. Don’t forget that when we talk Finland we deal with Northern Europe, a place where its inhabitants have their fair share of bad weather since they are born.

Its lining is made of the kind of Oxford Cotton that was very popular when formal shirts were more en vogue. Looking closely you can also find Makia manifesto stitched as an internal woven label.

Its branding, one on the woven label on the side, the other with the Makia flag embroidered on the sleeve, close to the cuff, is very discreet but it’s something else to steal the show: its color.

Also available in Olive and Dark Navy, this Mauve colorway spices things up with a shade that sits among pink and light burgundy that creates a refreshing impact.

Here Halidou S wears this bomber together with Keel Long Sleeve tee, an item with a nautical inspiration. A raglan cut tee with contrast zig zag stitching on sleeves is cool looking, especially in this colorway, but it’s the 8% elastane in its composition to make it really comfortable once you wear it.

It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you are at, an old motto said and this is once again the case. Wear these garments courtesy of Fresco Distribution wherever you want, in order to keep the emotion level high…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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